Volume III: The History of the Text of the Book of Mormon

By Royal Skousen

Provo, Ut.: FARMS, 2016.

Part 1, 627 pages.
Part 2, 1281 pages.
Part 3, 704 pages.
Part 4, 704 pages.

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Volume III: Parts 1 and 2: Grammatical Variation

Volume III: Parts 3 and 4: The Nature of the Original Language of the Book of Mormon

This volume is currently not available online.

We anticipate that Volume III will be completed in 2019 when Parts 5 and 6 are released.

These newest books in The Book of Mormon Critical Text Project analyze every basic type of editorial change or grammatical variation in the Book of Mormon, beginning with the handwritten manuscripts and considering every major printed edition. Each of the sixty-eight grammatical sections in these books describes the usage in the original text and shows how it has been altered, either consciously or accidentally, over time. Each section also compares Book of Mormon usage with biblical usage.